A Nation Without Savings

Infographic about the survey ‘A Nation Without Savings’

According to a recent survey by PurePoint Financial©, 60 percent of Americas fear our nation is on the brink of a financial crisis – a fear driven by rising costs for healthcare, housing and living expenses. Few, however, have altered their savings habits in response.

Struggling to Save

Unfortunately, Americans aren’t savings much. Nearly half (47%) have no retirements savings:

  • 56% Millennials
  • 39% Generation X
  • 39% Baby Boomers
  • 1 out of 3 save 10% or less of their paycheck every month
  • 52% of people don’t save consistently every month
  • 2 out of 3 do not feel good about their current savings
  • 30% use digital tools to manage their money

Silence About Savings

Many Americans struggle to talk about money with those closest to them.

  • 87% believe parents should teach saving habits
  • 51% said that’s how they were taught
  • 42% taught themselves

Most (53%) said money was difficult to discuss with family, even more than:

  • Politics (51%)
  • Personal Relationships (49%)
  • Religion (37%)

Although the overall stat of American’s savings is not ideal, the committed savers suggest a way forward. Saving regularly is a simple step towards improving your financial health.

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